Other information:

New Sprinter XP12V4400 battery  

November 2019: GNB launch new Sprinter XP12V4400 battery


Increased production of AGM Network Power batteries 

February 2019: GNB Industrial Power ramps up its AGM Network Power production in Europe


Optimzed charging 

February 2018: Three ways to optimize charging for your forklift fleet


GNB Sonnenschein Lithium  

January 2018: GNB Sonnenschein Lithium battery passes demanding endurance test


New: Recombination plugs  

November 2017: For stationary lead-acid cells and bloks


New Marathon M12V100FT battery  

November 2017: GNB launch new Marathon M12V100FT battery


Easy Pick

November 2017: GNB Battery Selection System



Sonnenschein A412/170FT

Ferbruary 2016: Termination/replacement of Sonnenschein A412/170FT



Sonnenschein A400

January 2016: Sonnenschein A400 Design Life upgrade with Carbon Boost



Sonnenschein GF 12 063 Y O

October 2016: Update



Classic OPzS, OPzS Solar and OGi cells

October 2016: New marking for Classic OPzS, OPzS Solar and OGi cells



Sonnenschein A312/85 F10

June 2016: Termination of Sonnenschein A312/85 F10



Classic OCSM Design Life

March 2016: Upgrade of Classic OCSM Design Life



Classic OPzS, OPzS Solar and OGi cells

Ferbruary 2016: New part Numbers for Classic OPzS, OPzS Solar and OGi Cells



Electrolyte Level Sensor

January 2016: Upgrade of the Electrolyte Level Sensor ELSP100



Sonnenschein A500 Design Life

October 2015: Upgrade to Eurobat category 10/12 years - Long Life.



Sonnenschein A200 Range Obsolescence

October 2015: Discontinuation notice for the remaining models of the Sonnenschein A200 range.



1 kVA power on 1m2

October 2015: 1 kVA power on 1m2 with the new frontterminal batteries from GNB*


Float Voltage of Sonnenschein

August 2015: Change of float voltage of Sonnenshein A600, A600 Solar, A700



New Marathon M12V190FT Battery  

July 2015: GNB launch new Marathon M12V190FT battery


Sonnenschein GF 12 040 Y

July 2015: Box color change


Classic EB (Energy Block)

March 2015: New design


Classic EB and OPzS blocks

February 2015: New Flip Top Plug for Classic EB and OPzS blocks


Sonnenschein Rail blocks

July 2014: New Type Designation


Sonnenschein A600 blocks

June 2014: New, improved performance for Sonnenschein A600 blocks


Sonnenschein A600/A600 Solar cells  

June 2014: Modification of Sonnenschein A600/A600 Solar cells


Powerfit S312/18F5

May 2014: Powerfit S312/18 now available with female threaded terminal F-M5.


New Tensor XGel Battery  

May 2014: GNB unveiled New Tensor XGel battery at CeMAT 2014


Sonnenschein A600/A600 Solar cells  

April 2014: New post sealing design of Sonnenschein A600/A600 Solar cells


Sonnenschein PowerCycle  

January 2014: NEW Sonnenschein PowerCycle: Especially for high temperatures. Many cycles.


Sprinter XP 12V3400  

March 2014: New battery in the Sprinter XP-Series


Sprinter XP Front Terminal  

March 2014: Now the Sprinter XP-design is available with Front Terminal access


New employees  

March 2014: New employees


Classic OPzS blocks  

December 2013: Classic OPzS blocks - lid and container in new design.


Classic OPzS cells  

December 2013: Classic OPzS cells - new post sealing design


Classic OPzS /Sonnenschein A600 

October 2013: Classic OPzS and Sonnenschein A600 in new modern design