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Charge for lead and other raw materials

Simplifying the way we price batteries
At Exide we are changing the way we price our batteries. You will still get the same competitive rates as before, and you should not expect to pay any more or less.
The new system is designed to be easy to understand, and the price for lead raw materials will be calculated based on the energy content i amp-hours. The new pricing system will be used across Europe, reflecting the continued internationalisation of the business environment. It will come into effect from
1. October 2014.

The amount of the charge is reviewed every month. The calculations are based on the average price in USD / EUR for lead and other raw materials during the previous month.

The charge for lead and other raw materials are calculated from the battery
Ah and number of cells.
The rounded amounts for October are:

Motive Power      € 0,10 / Ah / cell

Network Power   € 0,10 / Ah / cell

Tensor               € 0,09 / Ah / cell

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