Sonnenschein Solar

Gel. Gridplate. Specially designed for solar applications.

Sonnenschein Powercycle

Gel. Grid plate. Especially for high temperatures. Many cycles

Classic Solar

Flooded. Tubular. Designed specific to solar applications.

Network Power Overview

Brochure with all Network Power batteries.

Absolyte® GP

AGM. Gridplate. 20 years design life.

Absolyte® GX

AGM. Gridplate. 20 years design life.

Sonnenschein A400

GEL. Gridplate. 12 years design life. Longlife Eurobat.

Sonnenschein Lithium

Modular LFP-technology (lithium iron phosphate).


Gel. Grid Plate. For storage of photovoltaic energy.


Modular turn-key solution for grid stabilisation and storage of renewable energy

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