Sonnenschein GF-V

GEL. Grid plate. 700 cycles.

Sonnenschein GF-Y

GEL. Grid plate. 450 cycles.

Sonnenschein M

1000 cycles! Gel. Gridplate.

Sonnenschein LTB - Lithium Traction Block battery

Lithium-ion. 24V. Perfect for light traction applications. 1.500 cycles (80 DoD)

Marathon Classic FF

Flooded. Grid plate. Semitraction. 300 cycles.

Deep Cycle US-batteries

Flooded. Grid plate. Semitraction. Heavy duty.

Marathon Classic

Flooded. Tubular plate. DIN-norm. Can be upgraded with air agitation system.

Sonnenschein EPzV

Gel. Tubular plate. Maintenancefree. DIN-norm.

Sonnenschein EPzV BS

Gel. Tubular plate. Maintenancefree. BS-norm.

Marathon Excell

Flooded. Tubular plate. DIN-norm. Low maintenance. Up to 120 days between watering intervals. Can be upgraded with air agitation system.


Flooded. Tubular plate/copper-stretch. Extreme heavy duty.

Marathon Aqua

Flooded. Tubular plate.DIN-norm. Extended serviceintervals. Can be upgraded with air agitation system.

Drysafe Recup

AGM. Spiral wound. 450 cycles.

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