About GNB

It is the individual GNB employees who make the difference.

Skills and commitment: At the end of the day, our success depends on the skills and commitment of the individual GNB employees.

When asked, our customers often mention and praise GNB's employees.

The personal advice, the extensive knowledge and the will to go the extra mile are factors that are repeatedly mentioned by our customers. Our ambitions are sky-high when it comes to personal advice and the service we provide our customers.

This special GNB spirit is reflected in a constant striving for development and innovation and a clearly defined goal to provide the best advice and support in the industry.

GNB's employees have typically worked for GNB for many years as we pride ourselves of retaining and further training the brightest people in the industry. This also means that all employees have in-depth knowledge of the challenges our customers are facing and the strengths and quality of our products. Our special relationships with our customers have been essential to the success GNB has achieved and which has positioned us as one of the world's largest battery manufacturers.